Kalapatter trek

Today is Jan21, 2009. We are in Lobuche. According to our itinerary today our destination is Gorakhashe and day hike to Kalapatter. Today is very hard day for client because we have to sleep above the 5000m. After the breakfast we start to walk for Gorkhashep. First one hour walk is the quite slope with grassland. The yak is grazing in grassland. You may want to take picture yak and mountains. Our group one member quite tried and he has little bite headed but we continuous our journey. Left two hours walk is quite hard. We have to walk in moraine and near by stream. After three hour walk we are in Gorakhashep. We have one hour rest here for light lunch because we have to climb the kalapatter.

Our group one member decides to stay in lodge because of headed. We are ready to climb kalapatter(5555m). We have just water, warm clothe and camera in day bags. I decide one Sherpa left in Gorakhashep for take care for him. We started at 10;30 AM to climb Kalapatter. After two and half hour we reach in Kalapatter. It is very hard waking. It is very important destination for our client. The are spending money and time for coming here. Who is success to step in kalapatter on their foot they will feel getting achievement of life. Form kalapatter we can see massive Mount Everest and another world high mountains. You can see down Everest base camp and Khumbu glacier. Kalaptter is the lies on lap of the Mount Pumori. In Kalapatter the winds blow strong after the noon. The cold strong wind 15m is enough to stay here. We headed down to the Gorkhashep. After one hour walk we are in Gorkhashep.
Ok this is enough for today. Goodnight. To be continue


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