Top 10 food you must try in Nepal

Nepal is located between India and China in the Himalayas. This beautiful country is blessed with huge diversity of Landscape, people, mountain, language, culture, custom, tradition & food. People are living in the remote terrain of Himalyas, midland and southern foothill where the land is flat. Most of Nepal is hilly region it occupies nearly 65% of total area whereas the Terai southern flat is 20% and 15% is mountain. Not only the geographic diversity it has big diversity for food and cuisines. Here in this blog we are talking about top 10 food you must try in Nepal. Well we have many varieties of food and drink in Nepal some are really famous and some are not. Below we are talking about some Nepali cusines.

Everest highest elevation on earth to the lowest elevation Kechanakal just above 60m above the sea level is a big diversity for this small country. Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, Kanchenjunga, Ganesh himal, Everest region and western Nepal like Dolpo region and Upper Mustang region are amazing with landscape, food, People & culture. Its really amazing that we can find so much diversity inside this small country. Major river when they reach low land there are national parks and forest reserve such as Koshi river low land valley consists of Koshitappu wild life reserve, Gandaki river flows through the banks of Chitwan national park which is famous for One horned rhinoceros and royal bengal tiger and one of tributary river which is the lifeline of western Nepal Karnali comes through Mt Kailash in the Tibet and when it reaches low land at Karnali Chisapani then it keep descend towards sea whereas Bardia National park is located in the lowland of Karnali river.

Geographically Nepal is divided into three different region they are Terai region (Low Land), Hilly region (Mid Land) & Mountain region (High Land). Today we going to talk about various food which are very famous in Nepal and is widely famous all over. As we have discussed above food culture are determined by geographical condition and influence from Neighboring territory.

01) Dal bhat: is a major dish widely consumed by Nepali. Dal bhat is a set of few dishes which comes with Dal (Lentil soup), Bhat (Rice), Tarkari (Curry), Chutney (Pickle), Mashu (Meat), Papad (Thatched Chickpea) and garnished with some seasonal salad with peeled lemon slice. This is the perfect dish which can fill you up. Dal bhat is the last resort for many Nepali when super hungry. Dal bhat is available every where in Nepal but the taste could be different from place to place depending upon the recepie.


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