Dhaulagiri Sanctuary Trek

Dhaulagiri Sanctuary Trek is the newly discovered & launched trekking in http://https://www.himalayastrek.com/nepal/" target="_blank" title="Nepal">Nepal</a>">Nepal. It goes through some of the ancient settlement at the lap of Mt Dhaulagiri. This trek is newly launched so its wild, remote, virgin & unspoiled. The trek starts from Beni which was ancient trade hub between Tibet & Nepal for centuries.The trail goes through the beautiful village of Jhi & Pakhapani where we can see rich Magar culture, custom, tradition & way of Living. Magar is one of the major ethnic group from Nepal living in the western part. They follow Hinduism and in the remote villages shamanism is widely practiced. Not only Magar people during Dhaulagiri Sanctuary trek we can see Gurung, Brahmin, Chhetri & Dalit living with harmoney. This trek takes around 10 days to finish as after few days of starting it goes through completely wild terrain. The highest elevation that we reach during this trek is 4040M at South Dhaulagir Base Camp. During trekking in the high province we have no lodges to stay so we have to manage our self for accommodation. The trek is Moderate & some parts are strenuous in the high province so it is recommended to do with experienced from registered trekking company. Himalayan Smile Treks & Adventure offers 10 days Dhaulagiri Sanctuary Trek.


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