Mu Gompa

Mu Gompa
MU Gompa (3700m) is the highest and most northerly permanent human settlement in the Tsum valley. The monastery is situated at an altitude of 3700m. Although a little over 100 years old, Mu is one of the larger complexes of Tsum and was established in 1895.Lama sherap Dorje Drukpa Rinpoche heads the establishment. The connection of Mu to the Drukpa is commemorated by the occasion visits of various Bhutanese Lamas. The monastery stores many religious books, including the kangyur. The central life-size statue is Chenresig, seen here as the eleven headed version called Avalokiteshvara in Sanskrit.Guru Rinpoche sits on the right milarepa sits on the top right with his trademark hand to ear. Tara, Lokpa Rinpoche and the Dalai Lama are given prominence although the Dalai lama is of the Gelug pa sect.
The monks of mu perform regular meditations, annual rituals and alternate fasting at one time there were said to be 500 monks and nuns in Mu and Dhephyudonma. However, these days only a few nuns remain. The monastery is overseen by Lama sherap and it too conforms to the unusual Tsum valley blend of Nyingma-pa and kagyu-pa. There are two special festivals celebrated in this monastery Ngyungne which occurs in September/October with fasting for world peace and yarney which involves the reading of sacred texts and some rituals being Mu Gompa


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