Cho Oyu

Cho oyu (8153m) was first climbed by Austrians in 1954. It is about 30km west of Everest at the head of the Gokyo valley. The mountain was reconnoitered during the 1951 Everest investigation and a British team led by Eric ship ton attempt the peak in 1952 .the first ascent was made via the north west ridge using a route through Tibet from the nangpa la not strictly a legal route . An Indian journey made the second ascent in1958 and a German ski expedition made the third ascent in 1964 .By 1992 a total of 100 expeditions had been made on Cho Oyu. Most of the Nepal based expeditions had made the illegal approach through Tibet and the Chinese had dispatched police to try to collect peak permit fees from climbers who crossed the border. The approach to the mountain from both Nepal and Tibet is easy and the ascent through Tibet is not particularly difficult .of all Nepal’s 8000m peak cho oyu is second only to Everest in both the number of expeditions .

Cho yo


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