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Today is 11/06/2010, my 4th day walking for Manaslu round trekking. My leg is very pain. I am so much tired because yesterday I walked 12 hour. Today we have to reach in Sama gaon until afternoon. After lunch we have plan to day hike Manaslu base camp.
Now seven o clock, we are in sallow. From syallow great view of Mt Manaslu. I forget all my tired for Manaslu Trekking
a while. I feel very please to see Manaslu it is very nice shape of mountain. One of the school teacher said from here samagaon is nearly two hour walking distance for a trekkerAfter 20m walk we saw very beautiful grassland with Irish flower and green valley of Manaslu range. I thought few minute rest here and enjoy the great panoramic view or Mt Manaslu and another mountains.
With the scenic walk two hour is already elapse, we are in Sama gaon .We order Dal val Nepali food lunch. We rest one hour in tea house. After lunch we start to hike Manaslu base camp. The first hour walking is very pleasant. We saw yak and sheep heard. Also we saw some wild animal (musk deer and more).
The trail became a very steep and slippery. It is very hard to walk but we continue to walk. We are very near to Manaslu base camp. In Manaslu area suddenly weather is change. The Manaslu base camp stating snow fall than we stop walk further. We return to Sam Gaon in evening.
My camera battery power is finished in sama gaon. I am worried about tomorrow because for me picture is very important because this is my exploring trip. The tea house owner said this village we don’t have a electricity but some lodge has a solar power. He said today weather is very bad we don’t have sunlight so you can’t chare your battery. I feel very bad but it normally for villagers. They don’t know about television and move. They start work with sunlight and they will stop to work with sun set this is the life.
Our time to dinner. We had a dinner than we sleep with good dreams. My journey for Manaslu trekking is continuous

Tsum valley

Tsum valley
Tsum is magical and mysterious. the region was once so remote that almost nothing was known about it. This wild rugged and exotic valley is located north of ganesh himal and just east of"" target="_blank" title="manaslu">manaslu.The landscapes and mountain vistas can only be described as superlative, as befits another real Shangri-la of the" target="_blank" title="Himalaya">Himalaya. The main architectural features of tsum are the distinctive mani walls, chortens and kani gateway chortens, built to ward off evil spirits. The rich cultural heritage includes stirringly located monasteries, lively festivals and historic treasures. Picturesque villages, quaint stone houses with hazy blue wood fire smoke billowing from the rooftops, mysterious alleys and colorful people add to the mix. Soon after philim the trail climbs east to lokpa in the tsum region. Dense forest and sheer sided cliffs almost bar the way. Above domje a side valley leads up to the great torogumba glacier that gives access to the wonderland of ganesh himal rarely seen north western faces also high up here is the gumba lungdang monastery. The jagged peak of ganesh II has particularly impressive icy bastions and glaciated ramparts. Beyond chhokang paro are the famed nunnery of Rachen, the mystical monastery of mu and Dhephyudonma, the oldest gompa of the tsum valley . continuing further north are the barren mountains of the tibtan plateau. Eventually a trail leads to the Ngula Dhojyang pass which enables traders to cross into the kyirong district of Tibet. The Tsum valley has only recently opened to visitors and, as yet trekking here is in its infancy. Trekkers will be pioneering the way for a few seasons to come with a degree of comfort unimaginable to earlier explorers.
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Ganesh himal to langtang trek

Ganesh himal is to the west of Langtang Himal and east of Manaslu range. It stretch between the two rivers Trisuli and Budhigandaki. ganesh himal langtang trekThe main mountain is Ganesh himal 7429m. The region has overall 7 peaks and all has its characteristic character. These mountains became famous since they can be seen from Kathmandu. It is one of the valuable areas where the simple life of Himalayas can be motionless empirical. The charm of this area is that it offers quite but spotted trekking; visiting some peaceful villages of Tamangs, hot spas, gorges and glaciers.The course starts from Trisuli bazaar, goes up to a fairly high elevation, where a close view of Ganesh 7163m.can be enjoyed, and descends to Syaprubesi after journey over two passes. The Langtang Himal is a region north part of Kathmandu Valley and it lies just south of Tibetan border. The langtang valley is surrounded by high peaks of great appeal. It has become famous ever since the British mountaineer Bill Tilman describe it as the most beautiful valley in the world.
ganesh himal


Manaslu trek is locted in the eastem part of Nepal offening impressing natural scenery the main focal point of this trek is manaslu barunNational park and conserration area mount manaslu (8463) the world’s fiftn nighest peak ,chamlang himal and Barun valley are the majorjewels of this area .the manaslu of this rich natural paradise include beautiful mountains pristine forest and a wide variety of plants.IMG_1890.jpg


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