Makalu Barun National park

Makalu (8463m) is considered one of the toughest 8000m plus peaks to climp even the legendary Edmund Hillary failed twice . But the wilderness around it is just waiting to be explored by the intrepid trekker prepared to forgo the comforts of teahouse treks .for the more experienced the pristine river valleys of arun and barun below the great black one with views up to Everest and Lhotse offer hard won rewards the trail to Makalu base camp from the south is considered one of the tougher routes in Nepal.
makalu barun

Japan earthquake swept away Nepali restaurant in Tokyo Sendai

Japan earth quick Nepali Restaurant swept away in Tokyo Sendai

March 11, 2011 Japan occur disaster by earth quick 8.9 magnitudes. Japan facing humanitarian crisis on scale not seen in Second World War. This time their facing devastating earth quake and tsunami. As Japan official said the death crossing 1000 people and nearly 10,000 peoples are contact less.
Many Nepali people’s getting dream to go work in Japan. Some Nepal people are success their dream to reach to Japan.

Japan’s many people working in Toyota city in Toyota Company. Also they are working all around the Japan. Some Nepali business people doing Nepali restaurant in Japan. Also the nepali restaurant has in Sendai. On March 11, 2011 earth quick 8.9 magnitudes has face in Tokyo centre of fukusima. After the earth quake massive tsunami sweat the Nepali restaurant in sendai. Few nepali people are contact less according to Nepali Mission in Tokyo.


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