Manaslu & Tsum valley trekking

Mt Manaslu seen from Lho

Manaslu and Tsum valley trek is an amazing pristine trekking journey which follows Budhigandaki valley in the east which goes through the lap of Mt Manaslu 8161M and crosses the challenging Larkya-La pass 5106M and reaches the Marsyangdhi valley in Annapurna region. There is another place like the real paradise in the lap of Ganesh Himal and Shringi himal which is called Tsum Valley. A journey to Manaslu and Tsum valley is the best unspoiled wilderness trek.

The journey starts in the tropical valley of Arughat at the elevation of 500m where we can see lot of Gurung and Ghale people who are famous for their unique culture, language, custom and way of living. The trail goes through the bank of river Budhigandaki all the way to higher valley towards Mt Manaslu and Himalchuli. Trekker who goes to Tsum valley the trail splits at the place called Nyak phedi from where the trekker have to follow the amazing Shyar khola valley which leads the trail all the way to Mu Gumpa the last point of Tsum valley trek.

This journey takes around three weeks if you are doing Manaslu trek with Tsum valley. In Nepal there are bunch of restricted area this is one of them. Having unique culture, custom and tradition and way of living made this region so special and the interesting fact about this province is the people are quiet similar to Tibetans. The towering Himalayan peaks will catch your breath all time and the journey through the bottom of subtropical gorge is quiet amazing. The people are so nice here that your will never forget those beautiful smile in your whole life.

Top 10 food you must try in Nepal

Nepal is located between India and China in the Himalayas. This beautiful country is blessed with huge diversity of Landscape, people, mountain, language, culture, custom, tradition & food. People are living in the remote terrain of Himalyas, midland and southern foothill where the land is flat. Most of Nepal is hilly region it occupies nearly 65% of total area whereas the Terai southern flat is 20% and 15% is mountain. Not only the geographic diversity it has big diversity for food and cuisines. Here in this blog we are talking about top 10 food you must try in Nepal. Well we have many varieties of food and drink in Nepal some are really famous and some are not. Below we are talking about some Nepali cusines.

Everest highest elevation on earth to the lowest elevation Kechanakal just above 60m above the sea level is a big diversity for this small country. Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, Kanchenjunga, Ganesh himal, Everest region and western Nepal like Dolpo region and Upper Mustang region are amazing with landscape, food, People & culture. Its really amazing that we can find so much diversity inside this small country. Major river when they reach low land there are national parks and forest reserve such as Koshi river low land valley consists of Koshitappu wild life reserve, Gandaki river flows through the banks of Chitwan national park which is famous for One horned rhinoceros and royal bengal tiger and one of tributary river which is the lifeline of western Nepal Karnali comes through Mt Kailash in the Tibet and when it reaches low land at Karnali Chisapani then it keep descend towards sea whereas Bardia National park is located in the lowland of Karnali river.

Geographically Nepal is divided into three different region they are Terai region (Low Land), Hilly region (Mid Land) & Mountain region (High Land). Today we going to talk about various food which are very famous in Nepal and is widely famous all over. As we have discussed above food culture are determined by geographical condition and influence from Neighboring territory.

01) Dal bhat: is a major dish widely consumed by Nepali. Dal bhat is a set of few dishes which comes with Dal (Lentil soup), Bhat (Rice), Tarkari (Curry), Chutney (Pickle), Mashu (Meat), Papad (Thatched Chickpea) and garnished with some seasonal salad with peeled lemon slice. This is the perfect dish which can fill you up. Dal bhat is the last resort for many Nepali when super hungry. Dal bhat is available every where in Nepal but the taste could be different from place to place depending upon the recepie.

Poonhill Trek in the Rhododendron blooming season

Poonhill Trek in the Rhododendron blooming season

Poonhill Trek in the Rhododendron blooming season

Poonhill Ghorepani trek is regarded as one of the most visited short treks in Nepal. Being in a closer distance from Porkara, excellent hospatility, Magar & Gurung culture exploration, beautiful scenery and panoramic mountain view from Poonhill and Ghorepani are the highlights of trek. In-spite of above mention highlights there are few more things that makes this trek so especial.

In this blog we going to talk about rhododendron around Ghorepani Poonhill area. Ghorepani region is not only rich with beautiful scenery and above mention points it is also rich for flora and fauna find in this territory. If you already have been to Ghorepani Poonhill trek you might have noted that most of the trees above (1700m/5576ft) are rhododendron. Rhododendron is the national flower of Nepal but all rhododendron are not Nepali national flower. The rhododendron with crimson red colour are the national flower of Nepal. As we can find 32 different species of rhododendron in Nepal.

The blooming time of rhododendron these days is from the mid of February to the mid of March during this time the region looks so beautiful with bloomed red rhododendron and one can feel like hiking in the piece of heaven or if you walking uphill towards Ghorepani you feel like you climbing stair way to heaven.

Dhaulagiri Sanctuary Trek

Dhaulagiri Sanctuary Trek is the newly discovered & launched trekking in http://" target="_blank" title="Nepal">Nepal</a>">Nepal. It goes through some of the ancient settlement at the lap of Mt Dhaulagiri. This trek is newly launched so its wild, remote, virgin & unspoiled. The trek starts from Beni which was ancient trade hub between Tibet & Nepal for centuries.The trail goes through the beautiful village of Jhi & Pakhapani where we can see rich Magar culture, custom, tradition & way of Living. Magar is one of the major ethnic group from Nepal living in the western part. They follow Hinduism and in the remote villages shamanism is widely practiced. Not only Magar people during Dhaulagiri Sanctuary trek we can see Gurung, Brahmin, Chhetri & Dalit living with harmoney. This trek takes around 10 days to finish as after few days of starting it goes through completely wild terrain. The highest elevation that we reach during this trek is 4040M at South Dhaulagir Base Camp. During trekking in the high province we have no lodges to stay so we have to manage our self for accommodation. The trek is Moderate & some parts are strenuous in the high province so it is recommended to do with experienced from registered trekking company. Himalayan Smile Treks & Adventure offers 10 days Dhaulagiri Sanctuary Trek.

Top 5 winter trek in Nepal

Top 5 winter trek in Nepal? Many of you have started thinking about that ? is it possible to trek in the winter in Nepal? of course we can do several treks in Himalaya during the winter. We can find variety of accommodation in the mountain that is called teahouse. In fact they are not small teahouse they are the lodges with dozens of room and big restaurants with big dinning and fireplace. Down bwlow we are going to discuss about top five trek in Nepal for winter:-
1) Everest Panorama Trek : This trek will take you to the heart of Everest region Nepal. The maxium Elevation during this trek will be 4000M above the sea leve. we are not going to trek in the icy surface so we can manage this trek with minium amount of backpack as well.
2) Langtang valley Trekking : This is also another very beautiful trekking . It is located in the north of Kathmandu . langtang valley trekking will take you to the heart of langtang Himalaya. This is the place it was badly affected by earthquake so, you visit might benefit the local people. The maximum elevation during this trek wil be around 4500M.
3)Ghorepani Poonhill Trek : This is one of the most liked trek in Nepal after Everest . This region is located in the north of Pokhara valley in Annapurna region. Early morning view of sunrise and the Himalaya seen from Poonhill is the best thing from this trek though you can explore lot more during the trek.
4)Chisapani Nagarkot trek : This trek travarse through the hillock and the ridge around Kathmandu valley and its a great opportunity to explore the people, landscape, culture, custom , tradition, language, forest and wildlife.
5) Australiancamp Dhampus hike : This is also one of the most desired trek during the winter time . Many of the trekkers they like to be close to Himalaya without walking for so long so this would be the best option.


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